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LoveSelena.com was created by Roger Gomez to show his devotion, dedication and love for Selena by helping to keep her music, memory and legacy alive through out the years.

LoveSelena.com was formally "Selena Forever"; created as a chat group in 1995 using WebTv, an internet tool used with a television.
In 1999 Roger premiered "Selena Forever" as a website on Angelfire which he created and designed from scratch using his own tools.

Among Selena Fans, "Selena Forever" was rated one of the top 5 Selena sites.
"Selena Forever" was awarded various awards from fellow Selena Sites and Web-Rings.

"Selena Forever" was left untouched but remained one of several Selena Fan Sites on the web.
In early 2011, Roger began working on "Selena Forever" updating pages and bringing a fan base "liking" on Facebook, a "following" on Twitter and now on Instagram in attempt to bring it up to surface and becoming a fan favorite once again by keeping fans informed with all Selena news and updates, which to this day is very much alive over 22 years after her untimely passing.

On March 22, 2014; "Selena Forever" re-launched as LoveSelena.com

On a personal note; I was born in Santa Ana, CA. I love to take photographs, I love music, dancing and spending time with friends and family.

I recall watching the video to "Amor Prohibido" and didn't really know anything about Selena. During those times I was into Rock en Espanol and the rockabilly scene.
On March 31 1995, my sister-in-law (who had been a fan of Selena for years before her death) calls me with the news that Selena had been in an accident and to record the news for her while She was at work.
As I was recording the news, I began to know who Selena was, her music, her family and what she stood for. I Instantly fell in love with all that was and is Selena. That day I became an instant fan!

The first Selena website I visited was Selena Etc which later merged with Q-Productions.com. The idea of having my own website to show my dedication to Selena was born. Little did I know, I wasn't the only one who wanted to show my love, in fact there where literally hundreds of Selena Pages, chat rooms and websites dedicated to Selena.

To this day, Selena's Music, Memory and Legacy is alive and it makes me glad to know that I have a small part in doing just that; Helping to keep Selena's Music, Memory and Legacy alive... since 1995!!
Viva La Reina, Viva Selena, SELENA FOREVER!!

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Our Slogans:
Celebrating Selena's life since 1995!
Helping to keep Selena's music, memory and legacy alive since 1995/1999 (on angelfire)!
Viva La Reina, Viva Selena, Selena Forever!
Experience the Fun, Like Selena Forever!
Where Selena Lives, Forever!
Like us and "LOVE SELENA" with us!

Our Milestones
5/21/17 Reached over 50,000 generic likes on Facebook.
4/24/17 The New York Times posts about the #SelenaFanGathering.
8/16/16 Invited to Madame Tussauds Hollywood to promote the Selena Wax Figure. 4/26/16 Reached more than 20k on Instagram.
4/30/16 Corpus Christi Caller Times published our Photo Challenge online and Instagram.
7/21/15 Our #MACSelena video has over 542k views.
7/16/15 Reached over 20k organic likes on facebook.
7/16/15 Chris Perez shared our #MACSelena video to his facebook page.
7/10/15 Reached over 10k followers on instagram.
4/1/15 Article published in La Voz Magazine (So Cal) mentioning LoveSelena.com
3/28/15 Chris Perez makes appearance at our Selena tribute; The #SelenaFanGathering.
Suzette reposts our '#SmileSelenaStyle It's Friday!' photo.
Created #SmileSelenaStyle for social media.
Created the #SelenaFanGathering to meet other Selena fans and pay tribute.
Created #NewAtQ, so fans can see the newest Official Selena Merchandise in a tap, for social media.

Helping to keep Selena's music, memory and legacy alive since 1995!
Experience The Fun & Stay Up To Date; Like and Follow us!
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