The New York Times:
The Spirit Of Selena
This Man Vows To Celebrate Selena's Legacy With Annual Fan Fiesta
The Eastsider:
Selena fans head to Lincoln Heights to pay tribute to the Queen of Tejano music
12 outfits from the #SelenaFanGathering that will give you life!
Selena Tribute In Lincoln Heights
A Glimpse Into the Life of a Selena Tribute Artist

Roger Gomez, creator of and the #SelenaFanGathering is featured in the Selena edition of
"Que" Magazine from Arizona on page 45.
Read through Magazine here:
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The #SelenaFanGathering takes place at the Selena Mural in Plaza De La Raza at Lincoln Park
3540 N. Mission Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90031
Helping to keep Selena's music, memory and legacy alive since 1995!